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How Does it Work?

This is the page that outlines the process:

Monthly subscription - $19.99 

Oyster mushroom growing kit : 

Three easy steps:

  1. Cut out the perforated portion of the box on the front side and cut an “X” into the mushroom bag.  Scrape away the white layer of soil under the flaps to give your mushrooms room to grow.
  2. Take the bag out of the box, soak in water for 4 to 8 hours with the scraped side facing down.  Place back inside box when finished.
  3. Sprinkle with water at least once a day.  Keeping moist, will help the mushrooms grow.

health benefits of oyster mushrooms . . . . 

Mushroom recipes

3 - Monthly subscription - $59.99 or 19.99 per month

6 - Monthly subscription - $113.99 or 18.99 per month

12 - Monthly subscription - $214.99 or 17.99 per month


Mushroom Garden Terrarium:

This container creates a temperature and humidity controlled environment that can be controlled and monitored from a desktop or mobile app.  Simply program the container to your likings or choose from a variety of settings matching the environment of nature settings.  

Humidifier: adjust the humidify to your settings

LED Light: Day and night time settings

Fan: Control flow of fresh air

HEPA Air filter: purify incoming air clean

Temp/Humidity Sensor: monitor the environment conditions from anywhere

Website and Smartphone App Login:  Easy to control the environment from anywhere

New mushrooms kits are sent to you on a monthly basis so you will always have fresh mushrooms at home to enjoy.